How to Get Out the Most Common Spills and Scuffs

Don’t let spills and scuffs stress you out! Here are some tips for getting out the most common stains.

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Scuff Marks Removing the black streaks left by rubber-bottomed shoes takes a bit of elbow grease. Try rubbing the spot with a white eraser or a tennis ball. If that doesn’t work, try a commercial product like Goo Gone or a baking soda paste.

Pet Stains and Odors — Cleaning up the messes left behind by our furry friends requires using a bio-enzymatic cleaner that breaks down the organic materials. Next, use a pet odor neutralizer to eliminate the odor and break the habit!

Grease and Oil — Getting any oil-based stain out can be a challenge. Many household products, from crayons to lipstick, are considered oil-based stains. Look for a solvent cleaner that breaks down the grease for easy removal.

Red Wine and Dyes — Treating the spot quickly is the key toremoving stains from wine, juices, medications and other foods with dyes. Gently blot the stain, being careful not to rub, and clean with water or a mixture of mild detergent and vinegar.

Ink and Marker — Cleaning ink and permanent marker off of walls, floors and even carpets and upholstery is every parent’s worst nightmare. Gently blot with rubbing alcohol for hard surfaces and white vinegar for carpets and upholstery.

Coffee and Tea — Counteracting the tannins is the key to removing the brown, yellow or tan discoloration from coffee or tea. Try one of these tricks to get that unsightly stain off carpet, upholstery or even clothes!

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