New Bedroom Ideas For 2014

Hey guys! Hope you had a good weekend! Now it’s been a while since I last posted some decor ideas for bedrooms, so if you’re looking to renovate your bedroom for the new year, hopefully this article can give you some inspiration to work with!

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This is a classic take on rustic chic, with elements of traditional design. As you can see, the colors are subtle but refined, bringing a pleasant, welcome change if you’re the more conventional type. The upholstered headboard is definitely one of the key pieces in the set, bringing an elegant pattern into the mix that complements the adjacent nightstand. The cushy, cozy bed linens and seat cushions make this a comfortable haven for anyone who wishes to retreat to this lovely bedroom.


Now if you’re a sucker for whites or monochrome colors, then this combination may be just for you. Even with a very minimalistic palette, this bedroom gives off a clean, regal feel, which is definitely soothing to the eyes. You’ll feel like sleeping in luxury in this modern, stylish neutral style of grey, cream and white, accented with dark wood tones.


Now if you’re looking for more life and color in your bedroom, how about this cerulean blue and white combination? Doesn’t it give you that breezy, seaside feel? The white definitely adds to the refreshing quality of the room while complementing and balancing out the brightness of the blues at the same time. This is definitely a fun, radical (and literally) cool change from the traditional bedroom setup!

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Feeling inspired yet? Give it a try! New year, new look! It might just be the change you need to kickstart your 2014 with positive vibes!

Enjoy the rest of the week, everyone!

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