Harpers Ferry’s Best: Canal House Cafe

Hey everyone! Hope your week’s going good so far! I’m back with my Best Restaurants series, and today I’m featuring Canal House Cafe in Harpers Ferry, WV–one of the most popular restaurants in town! If you’re from or live near Harpers Ferry, you may have heard of this place before, otherwise you should definitely check it out!

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Canal House Cafe is a historic home-turned-restaurant, and it goes way back to the 1820s! The cafe prides itself in serving fresh, delicious comfort food in a friendly, casual atmosphere. If you are a vegetarian or allergic to gluten, they also have a flexible menu to cater to every customer’s needs. You can also bring your own drinks for a corkage fee of $5.

“Ate here two nights in a row while visiting and bicycling the area. Yes the menu is short but everything is fresh and well prepared. Enjoyed the homemade bread too. The food is reasonably priced. The menu is different every night because they use fresh and seasonal items. Your stomach is full when you leave, but it feels good!”

“We were delighted! The food was mouth watering, the hostess/waitress delightful, the setting charming and the chef talented. The chef, by the way, was wearing a Wegmans hat that he acquired while working at the flagship Wegmans 3 miles from our home in Rochester, NY. Wegmans is good, but your chef brought a huge amount of talent of his own to your cafe.”

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If you’re curious, they have a copy of their menu on their website.

Canal House Cafe is located at 1226 W. Washington St. in Harpers Ferry, WV. For reservations, call 304-535-2880.

Enjoy the rest of the week, everyone!


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