Interior Design 101: Budget Smarts

Happy Friday, everyone! Soon it’s the weekend again before we know it! Now before I leave you to enjoy the last day of what I know was surely a busy and hectic work week for us all, I’m back with Part 5 of my Interior Design 101 series! Today we’ll talk about redecorating on a budget, because who doesn’t love discounts?

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Reverse Furniture
I mentioned in my previous posts that just because you’re revamping the look of your home doesn’t mean you have to buy everything new. Another way to reuse items (and avoid extra costs) is to simply change the furniture layout in a room or switch up the covers. Rearranging can drastically change how a room looks and feels, and even if you’re tired of your old pillow covers and bedspreads, even the cheap alternative of a plain, new coverlet (with a completely different color from your old palette) will do wonders for bringing in that much needed change.


Time It Right
Is the nearest IKEA or Raymour & Flanigan in your neighborhood having a sale? Then this might be the best time to set that makeover into motion! There’s nothing better than using the right timing to take advantage of sales and discounts. Furniture hardly ever comes cheap, so every dollar saved makes a big difference in the long run! Furniture warehouses, retailers and outlets usually have their sales at the end of summer or winter, so keep yourself posted to make your renovation project attainable and affordable.

Homes for sale in Martinsburg, WV

Learn something new today? I hope you found this somewhat useful in your redecoration plans! Stay tuned for more posts on interior design basics, tips, and tricks.

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Have a great weekend, everyone!


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