What to Plant in September

It’s Friday yet again, guys! Any plans for the weekend? If you’re just going to be relaxing at home with your family, you might want to take a look at your backyard. With October just around the corner, there will be many significant changes to the state of your garden now that early fall has arrived. Let’s see what we can do to maintain our garden this month, shall we?

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For all you beginners out there, here’s a list of crops and vegetables you sow plant this month, especially if you’re in the Mid-Atlantic region like I am, as explained in our National Survey of Most Productive Garden Crops. (The criteria for selection include ease of culture, efficient use of garden space and time, ease of storage and desirability at the table.) The recommended crops are sorted by plant family to help you plan rotations so that the same plant families are not grown consecutively in the same area, as much as possible.

Sow Outdoors in September (Vegetables)
Arugula, carrot, endive, lettuce, mustard, parsley, radish, spinach, turnip

Sow Outdoors in September (Crops)
Alfalfa, buckwheat, crimson clover, hairy vetch, mustard, oats, winter peas, radish, triticale, wheat

Top 10 Crops in the Mid-Atlantic Region (all-year round)
Slicing tomato, sweet pepper, cherry tomato, pole snap bean, bush snap bean, garlic, potato, snow/snap pea, summer squash, bulb onion

Other Highly Recommended Crops

Cabbage family: Broccoli, cabbage, collards, kale, kohlrabi
Cucumber family: Cucumber, winter squash
Leafy greens: Arugula, chard, lettuce, mache, mustard (all types), pac choi, sorrel, spinach
Legumes: Asparagus/yard-long bean, bush lima bean, dry soup bean, edamame, peas (all types), Southern pea
Root crops: Parsnip, radish, rutabaga, shallot, sunchoke, turnip
Tomato family: Eggplant, peppers (all types), tomatillo, tomato (all types)
Miscellaneous: Asparagus, leek, okra, scallions, sweet corn

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Wouldn’t it be cool to have your own vegetables picked fresh right out of your own backyard? If that’s not healthy living, then I don’t know what is! Try it and knock yourself out!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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