July To-Do List!

We’ve got one week left till August, but have you been maintaining your home as diligently over the summer? As it is the hottest time of the year, there’s certain things in your home that definitely need attention. Now that barbecue season is over, we need to get back to work! No slacking!

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MSN Real Estate shares with us an article on the top home maintenance tasks to do this month:

Give your home an energy audit
Did you know that you can save 20% off on heating and cooling bills by plugging leaks and cracks? Sweet, right? There’s nothing better than saving up money and being eco-friendly at the same time. Most gaps can be found in baseboards, pipe/vent sidings, doors, windows, etc. It’s simple and cheap to fix it too! Helpful tools such as insulated covers and foam inserts are readily available at any hardware store.

Clean your patio!
Mix up a bucketful of soapy bleach solution to maintain your patio. A simple recipe is made up of laundry soap powder, bleach, trisodium phosphate (TSP), and warm water. When cleaning, make sure to remove cushions and fabric coverings. Use cloths and soft-bristle brushes to gently clean sensitive material. Don’t forget to wear gloves to keep your hands safe and smooth!

Prune or remove problem trees
Get a certified arborist to inspect your trees if you think they are hazardous. Trees hanging over your roof, rubbing against gutters or dropping loads of leaves and sticks onto the roof should be pruned. Overhanging branches can provide a ladder for rats and squirrels, and diseased or damaged trees may fall on your home in a storm. A typical arborist’s fee is $65 an hour. For pruning or tree removal, call a tree-care service.

Clean exhaust fans
Exhaust fans do a lot of work in your home. They push out moisture to keep walls and floors dry and prevent the growth of mold. Dust the vents on the fan’s cover and gently clean the inside and the fan blade with a slightly damp cloth or spray cleaner and a paper towel. Neglecting to clean your exhaust fan will accumulate dirt over time, causing a potential health hazard if you or a family member has asthma or allergy problems.

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Quite a workload, huh? Still, nothing feels better than being in a clean and safe environment with your loved ones. It’s tedious but it’s all worth it!

Enjoy the rest of the week, everyone!


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