Designer of the Month: Jessica Lagrange

June is almost over, but before we say goodbye let’s not forget this month’s featured interior designer, Jessica Lagrange. As an up-and-coming star in the world of home decor, Lagrange has over 30 years of experience under her belt that has made her one of the most demanded designers among the Chicago elite.

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Growing up in a family of artists (her mother was a professional model and her cousin an architect), Lagrange has been exposed to art at a young age. According to her interview on Zillow, she explains,

So much of what we do as designers is about fashion. It’s the starting point for a lot of interior work; colors and shapes work hand-in-hand, so it’s necessary to be aware of both. As a little girl, my mother always had interior and fashion magazines around the house, so it feels almost second nature to have that fascination and appreciation for beauty and form.


A piece of art-deco glam by Lastrange, utilizing a bold color palette and lines.

Lagrange defines interior design as ‘livable art’, and her basic philosophy being the tiniest of details can affect space on a large scale. “It’s that moment when you pick the right bed linens or mixing bowl matching your kitchen tile that you’re able to really take a deep breath and appreciate the beauty of the grander vision”, she says.


Lagrange also uses travel and other cultures to give her inspiration and new ideas. “This past year, I traveled to India and got to see all of the women in their saris with the vibrant colors and textures — that brought me outside of my box. I don’t tend to wear or use color personally, so I felt stirred to incorporate more exotic elements.”


Homes for sale in Martinsburg, WV

So what do you think of Jessica Lastrange’s designs? Check out the rest of her interview from Zillow Blogs here.

Thanks and enjoy the rest of the week, everyone!


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