Designing With Nature

Happy Friday, everyone! I think I’ve been bombarding everyone with statistical posts lately, so I think it’s time to splash some color again on this blog and feature some fresh, new home decor tips–and speaking of fresh, this week’s theme is all about nature. Whether it’s incorporating greens or being eco-friendly, bringing Mother Nature into your home will bring a sense of relaxation for you and your family.

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While green is a classic when it comes to earth themes, using white will help pop out your base color and give a cool, clean feel to your room. And just because it’s nature doesn’t automatically mean plants. Be a little different and incorporate the sea (that’s nature too!) with seashells, corals, or starfish decor.


Greens and browns are a staple combination in earthy themes, but it doesn’t always have to come down to paints and patterns. You can also bring more life into the room with simple artwork, just like with the bird portrait in the room above.


Nature doesn’t always mean all flowers and bloom. For those with subtler tastes, use wood as your central theme and bring beiges into your room. You can also be a little edgy at the same time and hang a twig or branch on your wall.


Of course, what is nature without the greenery? But just because incorporating plant life is a given doesn’t mean you can just put a bunch of plants anywhere! Subtlety is key when handling greens, so make good use of them by bringing one simple centerpiece to make it stand out in the room, just like in the classy dining room above.

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For more nature-themed decor tips and ideas, feel free to check out the rest of the article from here.

Feeling inspired yet? Get working and start revamping your home for the summer!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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