Fresh Ideas for Walls

It’s the end of the week again before we know it, and before I leave you all to enjoy a beautiful spring weekend, I’m dropping by with some new design tips on walls. Walls take up a majority of the infrastructure of the house, so it’s only natural that we should pick the right kind of style to determine the perfect look for your home. It’s no different from choosing the right canvas to make a good painting! shares with us some ideas that might give you inspiration on some of the best and most current wall designs trending in model homes and decor magazines today.

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1. Geometric Patterns
Use shapes and patterns to give a space a bold and modern, edgy look. Of course, choice of color is also a factor, but this combination will definitely brighten up the room and give it a distinct character, just like this funky but cozy kitchen!


2. White Woodwork
A classic design tip featured on my decor posts time and time again, give wood paneling a fresh, cottage-style look by painting it white. White also reflects natural light, helping this small upstairs bedroom feel more open and spacious.


3. Scale and Color Contrast
Give a space such as your bathroom a stunning contrast with a mix of dark and light, large and small tile. In the picture above, one wall features wide brown tile in a stacked pattern for a contemporary look. Small white mosaic tile with brown grout on the adjacent wall and floor complements the larger tile in both color and scale.

Homes for sale in Martinsburg, WV

For more wall design tips and ideas, feel free to check out the rest of the article here.

Enjoy the rest of the week, guys!


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