Everything You Need To Know About Color

Hey everyone! Thank God it’s Friday again! Before we kick off with the weekend, I thought I’d follow up with another home decor-related post as part of featuring interior design articles this month. Today it’s back to basics as we discuss colors and how to appropriately choose them when redesigning your home.

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1. Choosing Paint Colors: Compare and Contrast
Color swatches are a staple when selecting colors, but when it comes down to finalizing the right colors for a room, it’s always important to compare and contrast. Place your chosen colors side by side and visualize how it will spread out in the room. Will the colors clash or complement each other? Will it set the right mood? Will it go well with the rest of the house? These are just some of the questions that you should consider asking yourself before taking out that paint brush!


2. Putting It Together: Rule of Three
It’s a written law in interior design that when you pick out a base color, use it at least three times in a room. Of course, taking into consideration the other hues that will complement your primary color, this repetition will bring out the right contrasts and make your accents pop out for a well-balanced look.


3. Neutrals: Don’t Ever Forget About Them!
Neutral colors act as ‘peace makers’ — they help bold colors and patterns get along. This is key to making sure your room does not turn into an overwhelming explosion of colors. Since neutrals go with absolutely anything, it’s easy to spread them out to balance the look of your room.

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For more color design tips, feel free to read the rest of the article from BHG here.

Hope you all have a great weekend, everyone!


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