Selling a home in a buyer’s market

We all know that with the housing market still recovering, it’s the buyers who are in luck. Nevertheless if you are a seller, you still have the means to get the best price for your home! Check out these tips from Freshome via Yahoo! Homes on how to skyrocket the value of your house.

Homes for sale in West Virginia

1. Curb Appeal
Naturally it’s the front of the home that leaves the first impression on a potential buyer. It could be a make or break deal from there, so if you have unkempt lawns, broken windows, or chipped paint, chances are the buyers will be turned off right from the start! A little maintenance goes a long way in uplifting the look and mood of your home.

2. Outdated Rooms
They say the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach–and the same can be said for buyers and kitchens! If you have a dingy or dirty kitchen, the thought of owning your home will be unappetizing, and the same goes with bathrooms! Keeping everything clean and well-lit will leave a favorable impression for potential buyers.

3. Taste Specific Decorating
We all have our own tastes when it comes to decor. What can be a good shade or arrangement for you may be a horrible look for buyers. When renovating or redecorating, try to decide on a more neutral color that more people can appreciate or feel comfortable with.

Homes for sale in West Virginia

These are just some general ideas on what you can do or what you should look out for when selling your home. Remember, it’s a buyer’s market in real estate right now, so do what you can to get the best price for your home! You can read the rest of the article here for more information.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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