New listing!

Hi guys! It’s almost the weekend again! I’m closing off this week with a new listing! I just posted it on the market and I’m really excited to get it sold! It’s a beautiful property, so I hope there will be takers soon!

Homes for sale in Cross Junction


The house is 211 Crocket Ln in Cross Junction, Virginia. It’s a new, colonial-type home constructed just two years ago. It’s surrounded by woods of over 10 acres so you have a lovely view of the trees and you get to have a mini-forest all to yourself! That’s certainly a lot of space to move around in! The exterior is classic and simple, but the interiors are wide and installed with the latest upgrades for your convenience.


Polished hardwood floors in the main level, and as you can see in the picture above, a lovely tub in the master bath. Walk-in closets, steam showers, a therapy tub and even heated towel bars! You can live in the lap of luxury in this big, gorgeous home.

Homes for sale in Cross Junction

The kitchen has granite counters and is equipped with double ovens. All rooms are spacious and perfect for parties. Four entire bedrooms and three and a half baths to suit your family’s needs. Aside from the second floor, the house also has a wide attic and basement that can even serve as a workshop. The garage holds up to three cars and equipped with automatic doors. With over 10 acres in the property, horses and other livestock are allowed! Imagine riding on horseback through those lovely woods!


If you are interested in viewing this property or if you’d like more information, feel free to email me at or sign up on my website here.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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