Post Holiday Roundup!

The holidays ended two weeks ago, but for some, they’re only just about to start taking down their decorations over the holidays. If you’re one of those people, you might find the following pointers useful in clearing up your home of all those Christmas decorations! Here’s a useful article I got from

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Cleaning up after Christmas might seem like an awfully big task especially if you had lots of decorations set up in your home. You can start by setting up a 7-day plan and break down specific tasks and clearing up your home one place at a time. You can also do a quick 1-hour cleanup to focus on key problems (food stains, wine spills, dripped wax, etc.) to maximize your time.

Day 1: Give your home a general look-over. Take note of all things that need to be cleaned up. Delegate tasks among family members and split the chores.

Day 2: Focus on the windows. Clean the glass and wash the curtains.

Day 3: Bathrooms and bedrooms. Replace sheets, remove dirt and clutter from under the bed. Thoroughly clean everything, even the medicine cabinet!

Day 4: Spruce up your coat closets and cabinets. Make sure your rugs are carpets are washed or vacuumed as well.

Day 5: Focus on the kitchen. Clean your stoves and sinks. Polish surfaces. Clear out your fridge. Wipe down appliances and cabinets and take out the trash.

Day 6: Sweep out doors and entryways. Don’t forget the knobs! Also focus on wiping living room decorations such as shelves and picture frames.

Day 7: This is where you add the finishing touches to conclude your busy week of cleaning! Return post-season decorations to shelves. Fluff out your pillows. Smooth over your sheets. Congratulations and you’re done!

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Phew! Just looking at that list makes me tired already! But clearing up holiday decorations is an inevitable and necessary evil!

For a more in-depth explanation on the 7-Day Post-Holidays Cleanup Plan, read more about it on BHG’s website here.

I’ve gotta say, it’s been a while since I last wrote down a post on home decor. Hope that was somehow of use to you guys! Enjoy your weekend and see you again next week!


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