A History lesson!

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! I was busy working this whole week (not fun!) but with hard work comes payoff, so that’s always good motivation to keep me going!

Anyway today I thought I’d feature Berkeley Springs, one of the biggest and loveliest towns over here in West Virginia. As a fun fact/little history tidbit, Berkeley Springs (originally named Bath–after the English city!) first became popular because of George Washington. At the time when West Virginia was still a part of Virginia, Berkeley Springs/Bath was a popular destination for the state’s social elite because of its springs. George Washington’s half-brother, Lawrence, was ill at the time and often visited the town in the hope that the springs would improve his health. The mineral springs were believed to have medicinal benefits, attracting many Aboriginal Americans and Europeans to the town.


George Washington’s bathtub! The real deal! Pretty cool, huh?

Homes for sale in Berkeley Springs

For this same reason, the town’s population increased during and immediately after the American Revolutionary War. Wounded soldiers and victims flocked to the town for the springs and its purported healing qualities. Because of this, Bath became a bit of a ‘wild’ town where drinking and gambling became prevalent.

Bath changed its name to Berkeley Springs in 1802 when the Virginia postal system was established. There was already a Bath, Virginia registered, so the town came to be known as Berkeley Springs, named after the colonial governor Norborne Berkeley. Today the town is still officially named Bath, although it is more commonly referred to by the locals as Berkeley Springs.

Homes for sale in Berkeley Springs

And there you have it! A little history lesson about the town! Maybe I should become a History teacher or something…

Here’s to an awesome week ahead!


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