Fat Tuesdays!

It’s not exactly Tuesday, but I figured since I haven’t done a food-related post in a while, I thought I’d feature a nice local restaurant here in Martinsburg, WV called Fat Tuesdays. It’s a popular bar and grill joint over here and a place I’ve been to myself. I know what you’re thinking: Timing-wise a TGI Fridays might be more fitting, but hey, I miss having food pictures on my blog!


Sign and bar interior. Doesn’t it look good already?

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Being a bar and grill, the concept is pretty much straightforward. It’s your typical All-American restaurant. It’s casual, friendly, and there’s open mic night like anywhere else (every Thursday!). Other specials include Margarita Mondays for the ladies, Steak Night Thursdays, and live music on Fridays, where local artists have an avenue to perform and share their music with everyone. As for the food, the menu is extensive for people of all ages, and they even have a separate New Orleans menu! (Andouille and shrimp creole, anyone?) Although being called ‘Fat Tuesdays’ I wouldn’t exactly recommend it for the more health-conscious diners. Sorry, vegans!


Classic sandwiches and steak. Yum!

I would say it’s one of the most famous food joints in all of Martinsburg. I doubt there’s a single soul in town that hasn’t heard of or been to Fat Tuesdays! It’s located on N. Queen Street after all, where it is as downtown as you can get. If you ever drop by the city it’s definitely a good place to have lunch or dinner, whether with family or friends.

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For more information, you can visit their website or call them at 304-263-9688.

Now that I think about it, I might just swing by there this weekend! Have a great weekend, everyone!


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