Real Estate in 2013

Happy New Year, everyone! It’s my first blog post for 2013 and I must say–things are looking good! Got a new listing up in Stafford, VA and I already have several viewing appointments set up! Not a bad way to start things well right off the bat!

Homes for sale in Stafford

Anyway, I came upon an interesting article from Zillow via Yahoo! Homes on tips for preparing yourself if you plan to buy a home this 2013. Keeping track of the housing market news isn’t enough when making a big decision such as this. Here’s a couple of pointers that will help you in buying a home this year:

1. Get with a lender.
This is a no-brainer. Unless you are a millionaire with ready cash in hand, you’ll need to consult with a bank, direct lender, credit union, or mortgage broker to qualify for a loan. You’ll have a professional assessment of your finances, documents, and credentials to get you set up money-wise.

Homes for sale in Stafford

2. Get a real estate agent–and make sure s/he’s a good one!
Some people prefer to do their home search all on their own, but a real estate agent knows all the ins and outs in buying a home–which can be a long and meticulous process. A good agent is reflected in the properties he has sold and in his expertise in the area you want to move into. In my experience, connecting with your agent on a personal level is crucial to a smooth process.

3. Educate yourself in real estate.
You might be thinking “I’m already getting an agent. I don’t need to know anything about real estate!”, but buying a home is a very important–if not life-changing decision, and there’s nothing wrong with getting your head in the game and making sure you are buying the right home at the right time. Consulting with an agent is one thing, but talking with friends or family who have previously purchased a home certainly doesn’t hurt. Read books or articles. Besides, learning something new is always a good thing!

Homes for sale in Stafford

4. Shop till you drop!
Keep looking for homes! Keep your budget in mind and consider all the neighborhoods you plan on moving into. Drive around on a weekend, have a feel of the place and get a sense of the community. Look at your neighbors’ properties and do a background check on school ratings and crime reports. It’s not spy work, but it never hurt to be thorough.

Keep these pointers in mind and you’ll be well on your way to landing yourself the perfect home! Good luck with your home search and may you find your home this 2013!


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