Fall Decor Palettes

Fall is always a good time to spruce up and redesign the home, particularly in preparation for winter time. When you think of fall decor, the color palette usually falls on reds, browns, and oranges. HouseBeautiful shows some cool ideas on how to mix and match these colors wisely to brighten up your home.

Rich Red
The “drinks room” of a home in Connecticut designed by Anne Miller. The deep red blends well with the yellows on the furniture, finished off with animal print for the carpet.

Pumpkin Hues
The breakfast room of North Carolina-based designer Kathy Smith looks bright and cheerful with peachy shades of orange.

Soft Green and Red Stripes
Living room of Chicago-based designer Alessandra Branca. Nice classic look using antique armchairs with a red and olive green stripe design–a palette perfectly suited for fall.

Grey Green
Kitchen design by Fern Santini. A nice blend of gray and green to give your kitchen an old country feel.

For more fall decor ideas, check out my Pinterest!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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