Martinsburg Apple Harvest Parade

Last Sunday was the Mountain State Apple Harvest Festival in Martinsburg, WV. It’s an annual event to celebrate the harvest of apples in the fall and has always been looked forward to by the local community.

The day started out with an amazing pancake breakfast followed by an arts and crafts show at the roundhouse. There was even a show of antique vehicles and a classic car raffle!

Image by the Martinsburg Journal

Of course, being an apple harvest parade, apple-eating and apple-peeling contests were held. There was also an apple pie auction and contest. One of the more popular highlights was the 2012 Baby Apple Seed contest, where infants joined to be crowned as muse and escort in next year’s parade together with their parents.

Image by the Martinsburg Journal

It definitely was an event for the whole family. Who would’ve thought that you could do so many fun things with apples? Everyone at the roundhouse had an amazing time! If you guys missed it, you can always visit again next year!

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